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  1. E lemon tary says:

    Hmm. They we right. Healthy foods really do give you a lift.

  2. Anonymous says:

    love it

  3. Justin says:

    Hey Bob can you pass the cement mix with some nuts and bolts? I like my food VERY crunchy

  4. Red Baron says:

    Man,I wanted p,b,&j!

  5. bobcubed says:

    I KNEW I should have packed my own lunch.

  6. pandaman88 says:

    I’ll trade my pb&j for your tuna salad.

  7. purple bird says:

    - I’ll give you my Oreos if you take the next shift.
    – Deal. (Peechtival!)

  8. purple bird says:

    Ugh. My mom always has to leave little notes in here when she packs my lunch—”Have a fun day at work today, sweetie.” (Peechtival!)

  9. da dwarf says:

    Aw, man! Tuna fish again!

  10. A Kid says:

    Those darn squirrels took my baloney sandwich!

  11. blaino123 says:

    Oh great I forgot to put the parking brake on

  12. nii13 says:

    Whats in your lunchbox!!!

  13. My fiends says:

    So u sure this is the new food court?

  14. nii123 says:


  15. XeriLazor says:

    I was asked what sandwich I wanted and I said, “Oh, peanut butter & jelly…ham & cheese…bologna…egg salad…tuna…whatever….” And here it is. A peanut butter & jelly, ham & cheese, bologna, egg salad, and tuna sandwich.

  16. Ace says:

    Are we being abducted by aliens or is someone using the force on us?

  17. topbunkboy says:

    “Finish the prayer already I’m hungry and my food is getting cold!”

  18. Glasshead says:

    Where r we heading John? I don’t know maybe they r dumping us off.

  19. BNFlego says:

    “Hey Dude, do you think were hiding our DSI’s good enough?

  20. Waves739 says:

    Slacking off up in the sky was a great idea! That way The Boss can’t ground us!

  21. Bob jr says:

    What do you have for lunch? Ham sandwich. What do you have? Ham sandwich, wanna trade?

  22. princess says:

    AW man you just sunk my battleship

  23. Anakin#1fan says:

    Guy with yellow lunch box:Uh…….. B-3. Guy with blue lunch box: Hit! Darn it! Guy with yellow lunch box: Ha Ha! I won Battleship!

  24. the Docter says:

    I’m tired of driving this thing its your turn now.

  25. Taco says:

    Wanna Trade??!???

  26. toystoy4 says:

    Dang it, it empty. What did you get?

  27. AlexZ says:

    uh, is it me, or are we going up?

  28. Bob the builder says:

    Got any mustard

  29. Bullet Wyane says:

    got dirt?

  30. Bullet Wyane says:

    better than those school cafeteria lunches

  31. Archer1132 says:

    I’ll give you Squirtle for your Pikachu.

  32. Shard says:

    Worker: “I’m never going to carpool with Bob again.”

  33. justbackfromnapawon says:

    “somehow, I don’t quite feel the same as when we used to have lunch while building skyscrapers”

  34. boyslife1 says:

    Coffee break!!!! Lets ride to the coffee shop!!!!!!! Cinnamon roll time!!!!!!!!

  35. Jack Malalalalala says:

    Ha! I sunk your battleship!

  36. scouter says:

    Wow, what a lunch.

  37. mr cool says:

    dude I hate myself

  38. Mattman says:

    When are they going to let us down?

  39. i live in uganda says:

    hay, why are we playing battleship on a backhoe? I was certain that I saw an old battleship down at the landfill

  40. Yankee doodle says:

    can you drive me home?

  41. theodore33333 says:

    wow a moving bench

  42. XeriLazor says:

    Hey! I never asked for cement sandwich!

  43. XeriLazor says:

    Ugh!! Sandwiches petrified with concrete again!

  44. Jack says:

    Why are you copying me? We don’t have matching lunch boxes!

  45. jeffgordonman24 says:

    Guy with blue lunchbox “i got a roast beef sandwich,pudding and coke. what did u get?” guy with yellow lunchbox “i got a rock.”

  46. gumgumpanda says:

    Say , Jeb, do you hear something?

  47. Gamer123 says:

    It’ll be your fault if the boss catches us.

  48. Tenderfoot says:

    What did you construct for lunch?

  49. Leatherneck fans says:

    Oh man….Mom packed me leftovers AGAIN😒

  50. awesome person 123 says:

    I wish my mom bought me lunchables like yours

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