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What’s going on in this picture? What is this dog doing and what is it thinking?

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. the invisible shark says:

    kiss me, my love!

  2. Scout101 says:

    I think I found my dreamboy

  3. Coolman 152 says:

    I know, I’m a dog and you’r a toy, but somehow we make in work!

  4. mr. weirdo says:

    duck: NO licking cause i just saw you licking the toilet water, i mean really, dude really? dog: awe man!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. nothing003 says:

    this takes bathing with a rubber ducky to a whole new level

  6. alfafapedro says:


  7. happy says:

    Okay honey!!!!! Do you want bubble bath coffee today????

  8. importantgalaxy346 says:

    “So…are you free Thursday night?”

  9. l for leee says:

    Kiss me my love

  10. Cdawg says:

    here’s the secret I promised you. scratch my back.

  11. Anonymous Again says:

    No Fido, I didn’t steal your bone. Some other quack must have.

  12. Doctorbanana says:

    Hush now. Our love can never be alone. Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

  13. SharkBoy says:

    You are the best thing that has ever happen-… Oops, never mind, the kids have bacon.

  14. SharkBoy says:

    Can you only breathe through your mouth and that’s why it’s always open? Or what…

  15. SharkBoy says:

    Do you see the size o’ that duck?!

  16. link101 says:

    Will you be my friend?

  17. DOREMIFASOL says:

    You are my one and tr- BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Andres1122 says:

    Ducky, will you marry me?

  19. ifunny says:

    what you staring at duck

  20. uncle G says:

    You “Quack me up”.

  21. rubyscooby says:

    Staring contest! 3…..2…..1……GO!!!!!!

  22. coolmanjake2012 says:

    lets play. c’mon c’mon c’mon. ducks.
    its like whatever I say just rolls off there backs

  23. Plixx says:

    You new?

  24. nutellafan2 says:

    Why do you always have to be happy?

  25. JonJonDeFluffe says:

    I know you have my treat.Where is she!

  26. CRUMMY says:

    Ewww. You have baby spit on you

  27. DarkDragon says:

    I just met you, and this is crazy. Your made of rubber, and I’m a puppy!

  28. Quiz-wizz says:

    “Here comes Rubble, on the double with his new BFF.”

  29. SuperRemeo says:

    Dog: we will be best friends forever Duck: we will have a bath togeth— Dog: BATH I HAT BATHS we wont be friends

  30. Coolman5 says:

    I hope a cross breed is pretty, ’cause this gal’s looking sweet!!!

  31. zninja says:

    The duck isn’t scared of me!

  32. Federin says:

    Aren’t you gonna kiss me.

  33. NOT a boyscout says:

    dont think about the kids.
    just live in the moment

  34. Cool dude says:

    Wow!! What a big ruber duck i wonder if i can race it

  35. deerslayer2000 says:

    And they call it puppy love…

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