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  1. dragon kid says:

    Its A good Thing That Billy had PLASTIC Bullets In his new B.B. Gun!Way To go Billy!
    Billy:Sorry Guys.I Have Bad Aim.

  2. john2ny7 says:

    I can’t get up! Help! I can’t get up!

  3. indiana jones says:

    “Mom Dad why is there a bird heading for me.””OW!” splat “why are you in the snow?”

  4. Bandit says:

    stop making snow angels, Bob,Billy,and Sam

  5. webelos1rocks says:

    ummm….. guys?

  6. welbelo scout cordell says:

    that snowball fight was brutal

  7. funguy II says:


  8. player 1 says:

    “Red rover red rover send jason on over…oops. sorry!

  9. jackobie says:

    looks like somebody is preventing over population

  10. says says says says says says says says:

    you sure thats a bear?

  11. Static says:

    Boy’s Mother: Where did everyone else go?

  12. gamemaster says:

    Look! I can dance like Michal Jackson! WOOOOOOOH! Or not.

  13. rowlf the dog says:

    Where did that branch come from?

  14. chronic says:

    quick get the body bags

  15. cheez-it says:

    that’s the last time we give a five year old a paintball gun.

  16. cheez-it says:

    have you ever heard of cannibls in america?

  17. Steve says:

    Two Down, Two to go.

  18. gorge says:

    OMG where are those snowballs coming from

  19. Jedi Master says:

    I forgot to tell you; some tigers jump at you like that and you have to be careful.

  20. bobinski237 says:

    I told you we should have gotten the non-drowsey meds!

  21. sam says:

    Did I mess you up?

  22. capitoloftexas says:

    I swear officer, I didn’t do it!!

  23. kgirl says:

    are we missing somebody?

  24. TwiLink says:

    When I said, “Let’s go to Target,” I didn’t think they’d take it seriously!

  25. lark says:

    I knew shouldn’t have drank that much rootbeer!!!

  26. Nikes! says:

    Next time ill try not to slip when i sleep.

  27. Cooldude3544 says:

    Trust me, it’s not that cold outside, its not like somebody is gonna passout!

  28. gamemaster says:

    Where should we stash the tranquilizer gun?

  29. Anonymous says:

    HEY DUDE hurry up and take the photo already how long to i have to sit like this i already have cramps in my back

  30. BOB-AY says:

    you can’t just kill people because it’s cold outside.

  31. Neon Atom says:

    We didn’t kill them, honest.

  32. sethamoto says:

    that was him.

  33. BY MARIO says:

    Do you think we put too many BBs in those guns?

  34. tdjbgyhgnhj says:

    hey……where did they go.

  35. Redrocketz says:

    (Just Chillin’ Out)

  36. Rambo II says:

    I told them to go easy on the marshmallows before the hike

  37. LEADER OF FIVE101 says:


  38. Rizk says:

    Kids just don’t get enough sleep these days.

  39. masterchief says:

    urg no more friendly nudges please

  40. scrowe1280 says:

    Hey where did Joe and Luis go?

  41. Sir Ghalahad says:

    Now let’s not bicker about who killed who.

  42. jrodder :-) says:


  43. Yoman 77 says:

    Hehe Wonder what happend here

  44. rowlf the dog says:

    Not time for naps, you nitwits!

  45. big scout 60075 says:

    Real hit men do it silently

  46. agentsarr says:

    pop goes the weasl

  47. Hillbilly Scout says:


  48. sparker5 says:

    Was your knock knock joke that bad?

  49. Monkey Guy says:

    Hmmm… Did I put tranquilizer tablets in their water instead of purification tablets ?????!!!!!

  50. iamallama says:


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