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  1. dirtbike26 says:


  2. da beast man says:

    to the bowl:)

  3. X mas says:

    That’s the spot


    Did you know you had a cowlick on your left ear?


    are you sure we’re related.


    Tito the chihuahua (in mickey mouse voice):what are we doing?
    Blackjack the Great Dane (in Darth Vader voice):I have no idea!

  7. Lofty says:

    Get off my back you little rat!

  8. Static says:

    Nature’s elevator

  9. wffle man 2000 says:

    the bigger they are the harder they fall

  10. fmn says:

    thanks for the lift i hate being the odd one out in the family

  11. Spliced says:

    that’s the spot

  12. Spliced says:

    just drop me off right around the corner

  13. nonozim rules says:

    go big dog go

  14. bat says:

    George the big dog:”I want that!”
    Pappi the small dog:”What?!Let me see?!?!?!”

  15. wisp1397 says:

    little dog, big dog

  16. awesome27 says:

    feel the force flowing through you only then can you defeat vader.

  17. Paul Frank says:

    Piggy-back ride!

  18. hoh8 says:

    I think theres a cat in that bush.Well move your head so I can see

  19. master.jr says:

    ride like the wind!!

  20. master.jr says:

    big dog,, oh poeple iwonder if they would scracth my belly lil dog wait….ulg!

  21. master.jr says:

    i didint now they had chairs here!

  22. Awesomeness says:

    Hey the Chihuahua was on the sidewalk I couldn’t leave him there!

  23. sami says:

    just a little lower jerry oh yah that hits the spot

  24. anonymous says:

    rather large flea

  25. Mr.Sman says:

    BIG DOG: A little to the right… go down..PERFECT! Now you stay there while I run and try to throw you off.

    little dog: What!!! You never said anything about run-WHOAAAAAAA!!!

  26. big pappi says:

    next stop, the fire hidrent

  27. scifiwizard says:

    bones the big dog:Free piggy back rides!smalldog: Yay piggybackride!(he hops on) HURRY UP BONES, I AIN’T GOT ALL DAY!Bones:hey get off me! you look nothing like a pig!

  28. bazinga134 says:


  29. bacon says:

    Giddy Up? Mush? GO! why isnt this horse moving??

  30. ty says:

    keep your eye on the ball son, i mean on the road.

  31. ty says:

    i can’t see the road mr so move your head.

  32. No Cheese Fer You says:

    Dang taxi!Why didn’t you go before we left!

  33. cable says:

    Hitching rides on bigger dogs.

  34. cable says:

    ‘Evolution Chart’ of dogs

  35. henry viii says:

    what, is the metro out of gas again?

  36. bobsled90 says:

    i got your back bro

  37. coolman103 says:

    both dogs: run! lassie run!

  38. webster says:

    the cat is scraching the dogs back

  39. Jedi Sean says:

    Black dog: “where did that little dog that stole my treats go, he went up that ledge above me but he’s not there now.”

  40. trainman44 says:

    little dog..cumon giddy up its the po-pos .big dog..im tryn but my engine wont start little dog ..i dont care just go.

  41. blueblaster87 says:

    this is the weirdest moment of my life

  42. horselover says:

    hey theres a cat on that window let me jump on you back so i cant get it and well have it for dinner

  43. BlackWidow says:

    Im ridin de grey hound bus

  44. horse-,no dog says:

    giddy up horsy, wait its giddy up doggy

  45. Jesse James says:

    You think this is impressive? Wait till we play the piano!

  46. Batman Junior says:

    Just a little higher…we’re almost to the dog food. Don’t forget, I like the kind with liverwurst.

  47. retroman1963 says:

    Did you just see that dog get run over, dude?

  48. trainman44 says:

    cmon giddy up giddy up

  49. Beastman says:

    Wait! I put the keys in the ignition! Uh-oh engine trouble again!

  50. bo-bob says:

    big dog:GET OFF OF ME BEFORE I CALL THE COPS ON YOU!!!little dog:you can’t call the cops on me,all they will hear is bow-wow-wow!!!big dog:well,with with you having a head the size of a rock,I didn’t think you would know that.little dog:OKAY,THAT DOES IT,I AM GOING TO GET YO FOR THA-owner:what are you guys doing!?(dogs act perfect.)little dog whispers:I will get you!!!big dog:i will believe that when I am 1,000,000 years old!!!hahaha!!!

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