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What’s going on in this picture? What are these dogs doing, and what are they thinking?

If you can think of a funny caption for this photo, just post it in the comment form at the bottom of this page. After we approve it, your funny caption will be on this page for everyone to read.

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Comments about “Write a funny caption for this photo”

  1. dirtbike26 says:


  2. da beast man says:

    to the bowl:)

  3. X mas says:

    That’s the spot


    Did you know you had a cowlick on your left ear?


    are you sure we’re related.


    Tito the chihuahua (in mickey mouse voice):what are we doing?
    Blackjack the Great Dane (in Darth Vader voice):I have no idea!

  7. Lofty says:

    Get off my back you little rat!

  8. Static says:

    Nature’s elevator

  9. wffle man 2000 says:

    the bigger they are the harder they fall

  10. fmn says:

    thanks for the lift i hate being the odd one out in the family

  11. Spliced says:

    that’s the spot

  12. Spliced says:

    just drop me off right around the corner

  13. nonozim rules says:

    go big dog go

  14. bat says:

    George the big dog:”I want that!”
    Pappi the small dog:”What?!Let me see?!?!?!”

  15. wisp1397 says:

    little dog, big dog

  16. awesome27 says:

    feel the force flowing through you only then can you defeat vader.

  17. Paul Frank says:

    Piggy-back ride!

  18. hoh8 says:

    I think theres a cat in that bush.Well move your head so I can see

  19. master.jr says:

    ride like the wind!!

  20. master.jr says:

    big dog,, oh poeple iwonder if they would scracth my belly lil dog wait….ulg!

  21. master.jr says:

    i didint now they had chairs here!

  22. Awesomeness says:

    Hey the Chihuahua was on the sidewalk I couldn’t leave him there!

  23. sami says:

    just a little lower jerry oh yah that hits the spot

  24. anonymous says:

    rather large flea

  25. Mr.Sman says:

    BIG DOG: A little to the right… go down..PERFECT! Now you stay there while I run and try to throw you off.

    little dog: What!!! You never said anything about run-WHOAAAAAAA!!!

  26. big pappi says:

    next stop, the fire hidrent

  27. scifiwizard says:

    bones the big dog:Free piggy back rides!smalldog: Yay piggybackride!(he hops on) HURRY UP BONES, I AIN’T GOT ALL DAY!Bones:hey get off me! you look nothing like a pig!

  28. bazinga134 says:


  29. bacon says:

    Giddy Up? Mush? GO! why isnt this horse moving??

  30. ty says:

    keep your eye on the ball son, i mean on the road.

  31. ty says:

    i can’t see the road mr so move your head.

  32. No Cheese Fer You says:

    Dang taxi!Why didn’t you go before we left!

  33. cable says:

    Hitching rides on bigger dogs.

  34. cable says:

    ‘Evolution Chart’ of dogs

  35. henry viii says:

    what, is the metro out of gas again?

  36. bobsled90 says:

    i got your back bro

  37. coolman103 says:

    both dogs: run! lassie run!

  38. webster says:

    the cat is scraching the dogs back

  39. Jedi Sean says:

    Black dog: “where did that little dog that stole my treats go, he went up that ledge above me but he’s not there now.”

  40. trainman44 says:

    little dog..cumon giddy up its the po-pos .big dog..im tryn but my engine wont start little dog ..i dont care just go.

  41. blueblaster87 says:

    this is the weirdest moment of my life

  42. horselover says:

    hey theres a cat on that window let me jump on you back so i cant get it and well have it for dinner

  43. BlackWidow says:

    Im ridin de grey hound bus

  44. horse-,no dog says:

    giddy up horsy, wait its giddy up doggy

  45. Jesse James says:

    You think this is impressive? Wait till we play the piano!

  46. Batman Junior says:

    Just a little higher…we’re almost to the dog food. Don’t forget, I like the kind with liverwurst.

  47. retroman1963 says:

    Did you just see that dog get run over, dude?

  48. trainman44 says:

    cmon giddy up giddy up

  49. Beastman says:

    Wait! I put the keys in the ignition! Uh-oh engine trouble again!

  50. bo-bob says:

    big dog:GET OFF OF ME BEFORE I CALL THE COPS ON YOU!!!little dog:you can’t call the cops on me,all they will hear is bow-wow-wow!!!big dog:well,with with you having a head the size of a rock,I didn’t think you would know that.little dog:OKAY,THAT DOES IT,I AM GOING TO GET YO FOR THA-owner:what are you guys doing!?(dogs act perfect.)little dog whispers:I will get you!!!big dog:i will believe that when I am 1,000,000 years old!!!hahaha!!!

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