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  1. Anon. says:

    Get off my back, son!

  2. Quinn says:

    Mush doggy mush!

  3. captaincaption says:

    Onward, my loyal steed!

  4. zombie-man says:

    “I can see my dog house from here!”

  5. simon10 says:

    i got it! i got it!

  6. The Black Flag says:

    Giddy up!! no Bark Bark Bark your ear out

  7. hi says:


  8. babydoofdoof says:

    little dog says the fire hydrant was closed

  9. Hunter says:

    See, I can run as fast as you…

  10. AwesomeCraft says:

    Gallop, Black beauty, Gallop!

  11. Nacho says:

    (Small dog)The wheels on the doggy go round and round…
    (Big dog)What that little voice?….

  12. Waves739 says:

    Little Dog: Oh… so this isn’t a statue.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Little Chiahuahua: Look guys I’ve got my own mountain!
    Big Lab: Why is this little thing on top of me?

  14. baby ruth says:

    Onward we go

  15. Blow out says:

    Hot Daaaawwwgggsss!!!!!!!!!!

  16. MKDbc says:

    Im in his blind spot.

  17. blabla says:

    Must watch the head… must watch the head

  18. sf says:

    almost there… just a little bit higher!

  19. nictaf says:

    Taxi, please. Can you take me to New York?

  20. pocketknife1 says:

    I`m the king of the universe!!!!!!!!

  21. IceAdg says:

    What are you laughing at? This is a first-class ride

  22. supadupa231 says:

    (big dog) see anything?
    (small dog) no your head is in the way.

  23. hahaha says:

    no I’m not potty trained

  24. wow1234567890 says:

    i learned how to be sophistacated i can do right now

  25. JABBAtheHUTT says:

    Oh, I decided to hitch a ride on the nearest thing I saw, and this was it!

  26. call of duty MW3 says:

    come on move!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dogger says:

    Size order scouts. Tallest to shortest please.

  28. jaydon says:

    are we ther yet

  29. paper airport says:

    hmm…I can’t tell the difference!

  30. i am awesome says:

    i am king of the world

  31. Captain Strudel of Spaceship 33 says:


  32. bigcheese45 says:

    Fear not, fair poodle! I, sir chihuahua shall save you!

  33. spock says:

    chihuahua:this is cool,but i wish i could see over this guys head

  34. mario says:

    (big dog)a NENTENDO 3DS! lets eat it!
    (small dog)no thanks.im on a dieit.

  35. Snapback Tat says:

    I’m on top of the universe!!!!!!!

  36. the kid says:

    [little dog]look at these knots in your back
    [big dog] shut up and keep rubbin

  37. 3Dude says:

    Big Dog: Hey! What are you doing?
    Tiny Dog: We must remember the “doggie” system!

  38. shadoweater22 says:

    jetpack dog

  39. LoneWolf says:

    [little dog] This is perfect 4 a lazy little dog like me!
    [big dog] Speak 4 yourself! Your “little” claws r digging into my back!

  40. scout 34 says:

    thanks dad

  41. tinganater says:

    Lets make a tower!

  42. fox says:


  43. awesome man says:

    The next dog is microscopic!

  44. doglover says:

    welcome to the K9 bus please have a nice ride.

  45. gcskater says:

    I may be small, but not too little to play with big dogs!!!!!

  46. fisherman3000 says:

    [chihuahua] thanks for the ride
    [big dog] now pay up

  47. ME says:

    You aint nothin’ but a hound doggy

  48. jetman says:

    not a piggyback, a doggy back

  49. AwesomeMan710 says:

    Giddy up, daddy!

  50. ZurdAttack says:

    The Chihuahua has TRIUMPHED!

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