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What’s going on in this picture? What are those pigeons doing and what are they thinking?

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  1. smeargle says:

    oh, no! pigeons on the loose! NYAN CAT TO THA RESCUE!!!!! EAT THEM PIGEONS!!!

  2. THE LEGO FIG says:

    I wish this was a flying race! I’m much better at those!

  3. R says:

    turns out Davy (upper pigeon) was on performance enhancing bread crumbs, Skipper, (lower pigeon) is angry

  4. Wilx says:

    Thats it, almost there… Gotta show them hawks who is boss YEAH!!!!

  5. llammamamma says:

    You know, we could just fly…

  6. BWD says:


  7. Easter bunny of awesomeness says:

    Bring it on Usain Bolt!

  8. Eman says:

    Come on! why won’t my legs carry me any faster!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Come legs, we got to catch up!

  10. B7TN says:

    The early bird gets the worm!

  11. Hog_Plays_Minecraft says:

    Run! We got to lose them HURRY!!

  12. diesel says:

    Run,Run,Run!!!We must make it to the finals,RUN!!!

  13. ScienceGenus says:

    Two more laps.

  14. boyscoutcat135 says:

    pigeon1: I rather be flying
    pigeon2: yeah I’m a flying bird not a roadrunner

  15. Hi I rule! says:

    (deep breathing) Got to …..show them …..hawks …..that pigeons …..rule.

  16. po the cow says:

    Pigon 1: how ya doin’ over there? are you gonna pass out?
    Pigon 2: can’t talk. i’m about to beat you!

  17. roboman says:

    Come on, Larry! At this rate, we`ll never make it to the Bird Olympics!

  18. roboman says:

    Ha, ha! I`m winning!

  19. Anonymous says:

    “bird races”

  20. commader kev says:

    I told you i’m faster!!!!!!

  21. 'Lizzi K. says:

    Flying? So five minutes ago.

  22. Machita says:

    Of course, you realize that I’m letting him win, right?

  23. Awesomeness says:

    Maybe you’ll go faster if you stop running pigeon-toed.

  24. Gray Wolf says:

    Keep calm and pigeon.

  25. Person says:

    I’m gonna win gold! I’m gonna win gold!

  26. jane says:

    Hey, you wanna race?

  27. Rlol says:

    Run for your lives! The dogs are after us!!

  28. wc1221 says:

    losing pigeon: i quit!!! this race is for the birds!!!

  29. boyscoutman says:

    I’m gonna beat u man

  30. Yodalover says:

    I’m winning!I’m winning!!

  31. SONICTheHedgehog says:

    Game on, Simon!

  32. 345219 says:

    racing roosters!

  33. narwhal says:

    beat you to the bread!

  34. Pikachu says:

    Thus will be the newest event in the Sochi olympics!

  35. Air1 Fan #2 says:

    Pigeon 1: Have you noticed that we’re alone?
    Pigeon 2: Yeah, the other pigeons started chasing that guy who was selling bird seed in the stands

  36. Air1 Fan says:

    only 76 laps to go–keep it up!

  37. commander4 says:

    too bad we cant fly.

  38. commander4 says:

    Hey! at least we’re faster than those snails!

  39. Mart says:

    Ready set move it birde

  40. madgoat says:

    we need to train for the olympics

  41. madgoat says:

    if you win you get the bread if i win i do

  42. PieIsEpic says:

    And- they’re off! “ImaBird” is in the lead! OMG! HE IS USING HAXXES!

  43. Herman says:

    I win lol!

  44. phill says:

    I will win mha ha ha ha

  45. phill says:

    200 laps to go larry in the lead bob close up

  46. phill says:

    you will never win!

  47. Ender says:

    I WON! I WON!

  48. pickles says:

    two birds of a feather, walk together.

  49. Luker says:

    Olympics 2016, I am ready!

  50. Tobymac fan says:

    Your as slow as a penguin with his tail stuck in ice!

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