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Skateboarding video tips and tricks


Keith Baldassare wants to make you a better skateboarder. And he has the skills to do it. In September 2008, Keith broke the Guinness World Record of 46 consecutive skateboard frontside ollies on a half-pipe. Keith’s amazing final tally: 348 ollies.

With a few ramps in his backyard, he has a great spot to practice right at home, which he does almost every day. Except that Keith doesn’t call it practicing.

“It’s just having a good time with my friends, being creative, doing whatever we want skating.”

Here are some skateboarding tips from Keith:


It’s a fact, Keith says. “Be prepared for falls when you’re starting.” That’s why it’s important to learn the right way to take a tumble.

If the fall is too big for you to just land on your feet: Use your feet for a second as a stepping point. Tuck up into a ball (something like a skier’s tuck position), and then tumble and roll onto your shoulder.

And, Keith adds, always wear safety gear!


Start with the tail of your board on the edge of a ramp. Next, push down with the front foot and stay centered over the skateboard.


You’ll be airborne for this trick, which can be done on either a flat surface or on a ramp.

Kick down on the tail of the skateboard and then level out the board by sliding your front foot forward. Think of it as sort of a jumping motion with the board “glued” to your feet.

This will take lots of practice. But once you master the ollie, you’ll have the foundation for many other tricks.

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  1. Newbe skater // January 26, 2011 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    Love it!!! Could you do a video on a cupl of others?

  2. cool

  3. i still cant do it /:

  4. wow he can do the loop! thats awesome!!!

  5. wow i have been trying to ollie thnx

  6. that is boring

  7. nice to read

  8. guys, when u start dont count on doing an ollie that high because you wont be able to do that for a long while

  9. just got back from a 2 and a half hour sk8 session! wiped out! i love skateboarding, have won 1st place in comps at my skatepark, and i am 10 going up against adults and awesome teens! anyways, everyone keep skating and be consistant to make your way up to the big leagues. :)

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