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100 amazing Pinewood Derby car photos of 2011

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have the 1907 winning car!!!

  2. david says:

    drag cars

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. random says:

    Red white and blue bacon waz funny

  5. chaps says:

    these are coolest cars ever

  6. I like boys cars says:


  7. Attackman says:

    I like the Mario and Luigi cars.

  8. boyslifekid says:

    good job to the peaple who bulit those cars

  9. coolguy says:

    These are so awsome

  10. treveo says:


  11. awesome guy 129 says:

    really cool :)

  12. Big Dad says:

    A different lesson is for dad and son to use the Internet, understand some physics, teach some woodworking, and see how your efforts can compete- that is, if the scout wants fast over artistic. Just a thought.

  13. codgeh says:

    The wolf one is cool

  14. MikeyMoo says:

    Nice bullet bill!personally,I think he’ s the best one I’ve seen.his flames are awesome and I like his did you make someone that awesome???!!!

  15. Mikey says:

    Nice bullet bill!personally,I think he’ s the best one I’ve seen.his flames are awesome and I like his did you make someone that awesome???!!!

  16. Bubba says:


  17. Redskins527 says:

    In my pack someone made an ice cream sandwhich one

  18. trooper ma says:

    If you’re not a craftsman your son has no chance because the woodshop dads, uncles, and grandfathers are going to win with their tools. I enjoyed the time with my sons and won 4th place in regionals with the most basic hand cut car!

  19. Cooldude says:


  20. spyro says:

    im am doing the pokemon car but with oshawatt tepig and snivy

  21. cool dude says:

    awsome high top car

  22. riki says:

    find it hard to believe that these were 100% kid made

  23. supper says:

    totes awsome

  24. Ari says:

    That is just do cool!! I can’t wait to attempt to make one of these for my brothers race! It will be so awesome!

  25. ST says:

    I like the one that has the phone on it.

  26. A.K.BRO says:


  27. cool gool says:

    LOL! That is so cool!

  28. joe says:

    LOL! That is so cool!

  29. v.t says:

    this look awsome! I have pinew derby kit

  30. Nebraska says:

    What are the highlights of 2012?

  31. wahwahwoo457 says:

    making wii remote car

  32. im not a scout says:

    cool. i want 2 make 1. where do u get the supplies?

  33. awesome 88 says:

    the squid/octopus carr was the one i got second place to in best design!

  34. Kai says:

    I like um.

  35. William says:

    Eagle’ s

    Eagle’s look’n good. And in great shape

  36. 123 says:

    100% sweet

  37. matt-o-rama says:


  38. i rock says:

    i like the perry the platypus one

  39. wat&wen says:

    I just started my own & it looks better than all the rest

  40. wat&why says:

    I just started making my own & its better than all the rest

  41. Cola Lover says:

    the cars probably took some time and some hard work:)

  42. Cola Lover says:

    I like all the cars! the cars show how creative the people are.Not all of them are going to be fast but its the thought that counts!:)

  43. Build it by yurself says:

    Theres one kid in my pack thats dad is an engineer and he wins every year. I hate when dads build cars for their kids. That’s why we had an adult race for the parents to try to encourage the parents to let their kids build their own cars.

  44. mustard madness says:

    these are very unique ideas. They were probaly hard to make!

  45. popy101 says:

    i really like the ideas thease kids made!! omg

  46. pencil says:

    they are awesome! soooo cool

  47. bob says:


  48. jjmo says:

    these are awsome cars

  49. cool dude 101 says:


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