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100 spectacular Pinewood Derby cars of 2013

Looking for some amazing pinewood derby car design ideas? readers have sent us photos of some incredible pinewood derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites sent to us in 2013, and then send us a picture of your pinewood derby car.

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Comments about “100 spectacular Pinewood Derby cars of 2013”

  1. jimjim says:

    That’s must have took a long time to build those cars.

  2. Dorito man says:


  3. AB says:

    I think they are awesome, I also wonder how many were made by boys, teenagers and adults? I’m sorry but I know quality and I question honesty and integrity as I’ve met too many of the parents who have been involved and they are neither.

  4. Mr awesome says:


  5. Hi says:

    Some of the cars were cool but others were,well just strange

  6. mack says:

    horible to hard

  7. gjkt1108 says:

    calvin and hobbies are awesome

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