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Build a flagpole, table or chair for your camp

Give your average camper a set of spars and a coil of rope, and in return you’ll most likely get only a puzzled look.

But present those same materials to a pioneering expert and you’ll get chairs, tables, bridges and all kinds of equipment that’s useful in the outdoors.

Here’s how to build three items — a chair, a flagpole and a table — that could be useful around camp. Click on the pictures for detailed instructions and how-to videos.

flagpole-200x148.jpgBuild a flagpole

Show your colors by building a flagpole for your camp.

table.jpgBuild a camp table

Keep your stuff out of the dirt by building a table for your camp.

chair.jpgBuild a camp chair

Relax around camp by building a comfortable chair.

Comments about “Build a flagpole, table or chair for your camp”

  1. timten says:

    I’m making the table next year at summer camp!

  2. nate says:

    easy games

  3. Infinite_minus_zero says:

    cool! though If yu lower the table you could make it a seat or bench, if you widen it.

  4. cw10 says:

    can u use the table as a bed?

  5. TENDERFOOT 1 says:

    Very useful stuff. Chair is very simple but cumfee so is table. :)

  6. beat says:

    definitely gonna use the chair

  7. crazyhead says:

    that flagpole was cool, im gonna make one

  8. asdfghjkl says:

    the flag pole & the chair are probably the esayest ones

  9. Better Life says:

    Useful stuff, it’s great to actually “make” stuff instead of just watching others…

  10. oreo-95 says:

    It sounds really great but also very hard

    P.S. I really need to try this!!!

  11. A Person says:

    I made the flag pole yesterday and it’s still standing today! This is the longest time anything i’ve made has stayed together between it breaking and my parents telling me to take it down!

  12. NightCape says:

    How about “Build Your Own” Shelters?

  13. Anonymous says:

    thats cool I going to do that!

  14. pack77rocks says:

    i have to try that!!! :)

  15. heby jeby says:


  16. spyscout123 says:

    the flag pole is in the handbook but I like the chair and the table.

  17. boo boo says:

    i like the flag pole

  18. bald man 201 says:

    i have got to try that

  19. gamemaster says:

    The chair looks so comfortable.

  20. hi says:

    it works good

  21. scottie says:

    It finally makes sense!

  22. grasshopper says:

    Our computer won’t show us all of the video.How do I know how they put up the flag pole?And wy does it say I am posting the comment to fast?

  23. bill says:

    That decreases the pack load!

  24. scout says:

    I should try that

    at summer camp

  25. flipper says:

    it was so much fun

  26. bill says:

    there awesome

  27. andy says:

    we made a watch tower. up in scotland.

    and a zipwire.

    they are just made of a frames and square lashings

  28. Robin says:

    The series of videos are instructive enough for one to build the flagpole, table or chair for a camp site. We thank the producers for their effort to educate us, thank you.

  29. teetertot says:

    awsome chair!

  30. 2nd class scout says:

    these instructions will be very helpful in me getting my first class rank

  31. trey d says:

    cool,i love the flag pole !

  32. dude says:

    i con make char ez .

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