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Build a flagpole, table or chair for your camp

SAFETY FIRST: Ask an adult to help with tools you haven't used before.

Give your average camper a set of spars and a coil of rope, and in return you’ll most likely get only a puzzled look.

But present those same materials to a pioneering expert and you’ll get chairs, tables, bridges and all kinds of equipment that’s useful in the outdoors.

Here’s how to build three items — a chair, a flagpole and a table — that could be useful around camp. Click on the pictures for detailed instructions and how-to videos.

flagpole-200x148.jpgBuild a flagpole

Show your colors by building a flagpole for your camp.

table.jpgBuild a camp table

Keep your stuff out of the dirt by building a table for your camp.

chair.jpgBuild a camp chair

Relax around camp by building a comfortable chair.

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10 Comments on Build a flagpole, table or chair for your camp

  1. That decreases the pack load!

  2. I should try that

    at summer camp

  3. it was so much fun

  4. there awesome

  5. we made a watch tower. up in scotland.

    and a zipwire.

    they are just made of a frames and square lashings

  6. The series of videos are instructive enough for one to build the flagpole, table or chair for a camp site. We thank the producers for their effort to educate us, thank you.

  7. awsome chair!

  8. 2nd class scout // January 30, 2008 at 8:13 pm // Reply

    these instructions will be very helpful in me getting my first class rank

  9. cool,i love the flag pole !

  10. i con make char ez .

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