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How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

wallet-300Duct tape comes in 2-inch-wide rolls and is available in many colors. Here’s how to use some to make this handy duct-tape wallet that will last for years.


  • Duct tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Pencil


step1Step 1: Cut or tear four strips of duct tape, 10″ long. With the adhesive side up, adhere the duct-tape strips one to another with a 1/4″ overlap. You now have a sheet of duct tape 10″ by about 7″. Make a second sheet.

step2Step 2: Carefully stick the adhesive sides of the two duct-tape sheets together.

step3Step 3: Cut or tear a 10″ strip of duct tape. Use a utility knife or scissors to make a small cut in the center of one end of the duct tape. This will help you tear the strip into two straight 1″ strips.

step4Step 4: Fold and adhere the 1″ duct-tape strips to the 10″ ends of the sheet. This will make a smooth, clean finished edge.

step5Step 5: Using the scissors or utility knife, trim the sheet to 9″ wide.

step6Step 6: Fold the sheet in half.

step7Step 7: Tear two 1″ x 4″ duct-tape strips using the process in Step 3. Fold and adhere the ends of the duct-tape wallet together. Trim the 4″ strips flush.

step8Step 8: To make a pocket for your duct-tape wallet, cut two strips of tape 5″ long and stick the two pieces (adhesive sides) together.

step9Step 9: Fold and adhere a 1″ strip onto the 5″ edge. Trim the pocket to 4″ long.

step10Step 10: Using 1/2″ strips of duct tape, stick the pocket in place. Trim the strips flush.

And that’s how to make a duct-tape wallet! Your duct-tape wallet is complete!


Comments about “How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet”

  1. Bob says:

    Easy fun project

  2. I love duck tape says:

    Best instructions ever. I searched forever to find a good how to make a duck tape wallet instructions thank you.

  3. Eldorado says:

    Very clear instruction. You don’t really have to measure though, just put it all together and you’ll be fine.

  4. 67 says:

    looks comfusing

  5. Teacher says:

    Extremely clear instructions! Thanks. I can hardly wait to make them with my class.

  6. ozarkkid says:

    I made one for my dad & he used it daily for almost 2 years before it wore out. Making him a new one for Fathers Day.

  7. stuck on tape says:

    I did one then my friend and her mom wanted one too. I guess I did it right.

  8. Anonymous person says:

    Good job. I tried it and it works great, still holding up and I’ve had it for almost a year. I recommend this to anyone who wants a nice sturdy cheap wallet.

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