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How to minimize sleeping bag odor

Q. Whenever I go on a camping trip my sleeping bag gets all smelly from me sweating all day. How do I make it smell better — besides taking it into the cleaners?
— Conrad Stank, Dellrose, Tenn.

A. Ever hear of soap and a washcloth? Just kidding, well, sort of. There are a few things you can do to minimize the odor of your sleeping bag.

On the trail:

  • bring along an extra pair of clean clothes to sleep in
  • before going to bed each night, wash your feet, face and underarms
  • no water? No problem. Bring along a pack of baby wipes or WetOnes.
  • let your sleeping bag “air out” every morning before breaking camp for the day

Back home:

  • “air out” your sleeping bag again
  • if it’s really stinky, wash it. Use a front-load washer and avoid regular detergent. Instead, for down sleeping bags use something like ReviveX Down Cleaner ($9; or Nikwax Down Wash ($9; For synthetic bags, try a cleaner like Granger’s Performance Wash ($9; Be sure to run it through the rinse cycle twice. Air drying your bag is safest, but if you’re in a hurry, check the bag’s care tag and tumble dry it on low heat.

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  3. There are thin sleeping bag liners that you can buy that will go between your body and the bag itself. Definately hang it to air pout after a campout. If possible, never store it rolled up over long periods of time. Occasionally you will have to have it cleaned. I take mine to the local dry cleaner that can also clean bed comforters. I do that once a year and my bag is still going strong after 6 years of camping in hot, sweaty Florida!

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