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Are white-gas stoves allowed?

coleman-200x148Q. Dear Gear Guy, I recently inherited a Coleman white-gas stove from my father; he has been using it since he was a Cub Scout with my grandfather in the 1960s. I would love to bring this to camp, but I’ve heard a lot of talk that white gas isn’t permitted in Scouts anymore. Is this true?
– Ryan Wondering, Fairborn, Ohio

A. White gas is permitted on Scout outings. This from the Guide to Safe Scouting: “Recommended chemical fuels — white gas (Coleman fuel); kerosene; liquefied petroleum gas fuels, including propane, butane and isobutane; vegetable oil fuels; biodiesel fuel; and commercially prepared gelled-alcohol fuel in original containers.”

As for bringing your stove to camp, that depends on which camp you’re going to and whether it has any specific rules about white-gas (or other) stoves. Check with your Scoutmaster.

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