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Stuff We Like: Graphic Dry Sacks

Waterproof dry sacks are among the most handy things to bring along on a backpacking trip. They are perfect for stuffing in your sleeping bag, clothes, a down jacket, whatever you want to keep dry. These sacks also make it easier to organize your gear inside your backpack so it’s not just like a huge explosion every time you open your pack to find something. You can even use them (stuffed with clothes) as a pillow. Instead of the boring primary colors, these Outdoor Research Graphic Dry Sacks are pretty darn cool-looking with art on the outside of each bag. And they just don’t look cool—they’re made of triple-coated nylon and all the seams are fully taped to insure the sacks are waterproof.  ($13.50 for 5 liter capacity to 25 liter for $18;

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  1. hawkeye says:

    where is the best place to buy dry sacks?

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