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Clean your lantern

Q. I have a lantern that has a removable glass covering, and it has soot all over it. How can I get it off?
— Dirty Lantern Lee, Eagle River, Alaska

A. Dear Dirty, Great question. Lucky for me, it’s a really easy one. And lucky for you, cleaning a lantern is easy too. I checked with the folks at Coleman ( and they confirmed that all you need to do is carefully remove the globe (that’s the glass covering) and wash it with soapy water. If your lantern happens to be a very old collectible Coleman lantern, then be extra careful not to scrub too hard and remove the logo as it’ll decrease its value. New lantern or old though, a clean globe will improve the brightness of your lantern come camp time.

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  1. irritated says:

    You have told “Dear Dirty” how to clean the globe of this lantern…but not how to clean the lantern itself which I think was what he was asking. Soot is very difficult to remove and you have not answered the question.

  2. yo says:

    also you could put some clear soap on it before you go camping to make it wash off easesr in the furture

  3. Scouter Deryck says:

    Get some (cold) ash out of a fire pit. Make a paste with water and gently rub it on and rinse off. This will also clean the inside window of a fireplace insert.

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