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Stuff We Like: Pelican 1020 Micro Case

As high-tech gadgets like smart phones, digital cameras, and GPS devices continue to find their way into the outdoors, we have to find ways to protect them. One of the best, and most affordable options is the Pelican 1020 Micro Case ($12; This rugged, little snap-to-close plastic box is water resistant, dustproof and crushproof and would easily fit a digital camera or GPS. Inside is a rubber liner that provides extra padding and creates a watertight seal. Although the Micro Case is not designed to be taken underwater, it’s strong, durable and watertight enough to protect your gear from just about anything the outdoors can throw at you. It also comes with a carabiner and is available in seven sizes to fit all kinds of electronics.

Comments about “Stuff We Like: Pelican 1020 Micro Case”

  1. james bond 007 says:

    this is very cool

  2. Sly Fox says:

    These are truely great cases. If you put a little grease around the seal it becomes even more water proof. if it’s raining, you can run your gps in the case and read the screen through the clear cover.

  3. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    I have the 1010 micro case series and I love it!

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