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Simple, affordable lock-back knife

Q. When I get a new traditional lock-blade knife, it often messes up within the first hour. When I close it, the blade flips in and out and will not completely shut. Why isn’t it working?
— Bad Knife Jacob, Clinton, N.C.

A. Without seeing your knife first-hand it’s tough for me to say what’s wrong with it. My guess is that the knife itself wasn’t all that well-made in the first place. I understand that price is usually a concern for most of us, that’s why I’m happy there are knives out there like the SOG AutoClip Mini [$23;]. I’ve field-tested this simple, affordable lock-back knife with its 2.86-inch stainless-steel blade for months and can say it’s well-made and works perfectly. You can also find several other affordable lock-back options from Buck Knives and Gerber. Good luck!

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  1. Lizardman says:

    I am partial to Buck Knives; fixed and folding. There high carbon stainless steel, made in America and have a great warranty. As long as you haven’t done something really dumb to damage the knife, they will repair or replace it at no charge for life. They hold an edge like crazy. I’ve had one for years and never done more than strop it to keep a razor edge.

  2. CoolKid101 says:

    I have numerous knives, but my favorite is the Gerber assisted opening (I don’t know the model number, I got it as a gift).

  3. Loser town says:

    Cool Stainless steel

  4. Mr. cool says:

    I got my lock back knife at a scout store and it has rubber handle for good grip.

  5. duke of nothingham says:

    your problem is you’ve got a cheap knife. you need to go out and buy your self a good knife (preferable a sheath knife then you wont have trouble with it closing) you will spend about $30 but if you take carry of it you will only spend it once. and you will save money in the long run.

  6. eagle92 says:

    I just bought an Opinel #7 carbon steel knife and am loving it. It’s not your traditional lockback. The locking mechanism twists around the top of the handle and blade to lock it into place. Very easy to use. There’s a stainless steel version as well, but I like a sharp, safe knife, and went with carbon steel instead.

  7. Sly Fox says:

    Take a peek at a “Peck” brand knife. Very good single blade lock blade for about $24.00.

  8. Delta Force says:

    Gerber LMF fixed blade for heavy duty work. I used it wile in Iraq and it never failed me.

  9. ArtificialApple says:

    I got my knife at a surplus store. Had it for 2 years and it still works like a charm. It was only 25 dollars too.

  10. Willow Creek Knife Winner says:

    A great knife that I have had for a while is the Gerber EVO. It is a great locking knife. It keeps a edge very well and I have dropped it numerous times and all it has to show are a couple scratches. Good luck!!

    • Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

      I have the EVO jr. I found it on a hike and I cleaned it up and now it is my number 2 knife.

  11. gunslinger says:

    Maxam locking blade good quality. 3 inch blade

  12. beasty-beast says:

    i have had a kershaw vapor 1 for several years now it has a 2.5 in. blade and i like it for about 25 dollars

  13. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    Your lock axial is probably broken. most likely dew to cheap manufacturering. Allow me to suggest either a good Gerber, or Buck lock back (Like the Buck 110 hunter or the Quick Fire) or you may want a good short fixed blade (KA-bar BK2 Champion) check out or ebay for a good cheap price. Glad to help!

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