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How to buy a first skateboard

skateboard-200x148Q. I’m saving up for a new skateboard and don’t know a thing about the prices and the brands. Can you help me out?
– Skating Sam, Amarillo, Texas

A. Hey, Sam, that’s cool you’re saving up for a skateboard. You’ll have a blast skating. Good news: There’s not a lot you need to know.

The best and easiest way for a beginner to get into skating is to buy a “complete.” Instead of building a new board from the ground up by individually buying each of the necessary pieces (like the deck, grip tape, trucks, bearings and wheels), a complete is already built with components that work together and is ready to ride straight out of the box.

Expect to pay about $60 to $150 for a quality complete online or a bit more at a local skate shop. We’re big fans of the Positiv Andy Macdonald Walking Orca ($79.95 MSRP) and Powell-Peralta Blacklight Skull & Sword ($84 MSRP).

For more in-depth info, check out our Get Geared Up for Skateboarding feature at

Enjoy your skating!

6 Comments on How to buy a first skateboard

  1. kartike1121 buble man // November 23, 2013 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    search online for the best

  2. most expensive is skull 84

  3. 60 to 150

  4. How much is the most expensive one? Pleas answer.

  5. Off-Trail Monkey // November 5, 2013 at 12:23 pm // Reply

    Oh please go to a board shop. You will not care for your “complete” after a month or so if you are serious about boarding at a skate park. Talk to some of the local boarders as well, they’ll tell it to you (and show you) straight up. There’s nothing in the article here to actually tell you anything.

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