Emergency preparedness quiz

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  1. Troop16er says:

    you’re supposed to avoid popping a blister

  2. Troop16er says:

    I can not get it to work it sounds good though

  3. Gunner says:

    first aid is helpful

  4. why, comatose, why??? says:

    1100 out of 2200, the one about the animals I got wrong.

  5. T41 Scout says:

    it doesnt’s load! can anyone help

  6. Karatekid says:

    I got 1100 out of 1200!!

  7. Delta Force says:

    If I hear animal sounds outside im tent im getting out my .44 Magnum! Forget about making noise! I always carry it when I go scouting with the boys!

  8. Karate kid says:

    I got 1200!!!!!

  9. Karate kid says:

    I got 1200

  10. Hounddog129 says:

    I got a 1200!

  11. Percy Jackson says:

    This quiz was repeating answers.

  12. karatekid says:

    I got 800!

  13. venturer says:

    I’m just a beginning adventurer so I am learning from my mistakes

  14. dtlux says:

    I got 700. I was taught by my scoutmaster never to pop a blister.

  15. mountainman1219 says:

    1000 out of 1200, pretty good but not perfect. I tripped up on the one with the blister,and the one with the canoe.

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