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How to treat and purify water

Here are three ways to treat water so it’s safe to drink.

1. Boil water over a stove or campfire. Once it comes to a rolling boil (when 1/2-inch bubbles are rising from the bottom of the pot), then it’s clean.

2. Filter water with a handheld filter. Most require you to pump the water slowly through screens and filters that remove dangerous bacteria. Many include a purifying stage that will also treat viruses. Filters can be expensive, but they are reliable and easy to use.

3. Chemical treatment is probably the easiest and cheapest method. Put a tablet or two in your jug of water and in about 20 minutes it’ll be ready to drink. The tablets might leave a bitter taste, but you can use a sports drink mix to cover it.

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  1. Boil it, why not if you’re stationary. If on the move, Steri-Pen clear water…. or pump if dealing with murky water. Chemical is just that, chemicals. Use that as a last resort.

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