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How to start a fire without matches


Here are three ways to start a fire without the help of matches. Each can be effective, and all take lots of practice, but they’re actually pretty fun to learn.

Watch our step-by-step video to learn how, and check out the article in the December 2010 issue of Boys’ Life magazine for more information.

Remember: Even in a survival situation, try to avoid harming the environment when building your fire. Look for a spot from which a fire could not spread and where the surrounding area would not be damaged.

8 Comments on How to start a fire without matches

  1. Its really cool how you guys showed me how to do that because I was gonna try to start one at home and i needed ideas

  2. i found that match and matchbox works best

  3. great

  4. Just BTW, that little magnifying glass on your Swiss Army knife won’t even noticeably warm a sheet of dry, black paper in winter, at 40 Fahrenheiit with a light breeze blowing.

  5. next campout……competition to see who can do this….(‘ll bring the “shoelaces” for the cord on the bow…..

  6. You know, Hand sanitizer works as well….
    (To improve a blaze, not to start one)

  7. Wow, amazing, will use this for my scouting life. Thanks!

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