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Watch the SheiKra and Kumba roller coasters in action

As vice president of design & engineering at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fla., Mark Rose has a job many people only dream about. This Eagle Scout helps design the rides and attractions at the world-famous theme park and zoo and its neighboring water park, Adventure Island.

His right-hand man, mechanical engineer and Eagle Scout Jeff Hornick, says they “get to think about what would people really enjoy, what would they like, what would knock their socks off or what would be a great experience for them.”

In designing each ride or attraction, a lot of what Rose and Hornick do is solve problems, just one of the many job skills they say that they learned in Scouting.

Check out two of the Busch Gardens coasters in action in the videos below, then find out more about the job of roller-coaster engineer in the July 2012 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

Comments about “Watch the SheiKra and Kumba roller coasters in action”

  1. dom says:

    I love rollercosters!

  2. bsa rules says:


  3. roalercoster! says:

    SPLASH!SheiKra best splashdown water break!

  4. wolfman says:

    kumba beats sheikra by a mile.

  5. racer says:

    when I got out of my chair I fell down!

  6. awesome says:

    I went on Kumba and Sheikra and it was ace and surprisingly no one barfed!

  7. Echo says:

    I would NEVER go on one of those!

  8. Dare says:

    Rode both of those last week. SheiKra was great. Mom was scared of Kumba, but I loved it. Sister is into roller coasters now. Yay!

  9. Ponkers says:

    i bet half of them barf after this. :P

  10. Cheetafast13 says:

    I Went to Busch gardens but was not tall enough to go on my these. My cousin went on SheiKra and loved it. Cheetah chase is awesome though.

  11. scout of troop 342 says:

    I’m never going on shieKra

  12. Minecraft man says:

    Kumba looks so awesomer than Sheikra!

  13. The Bo$$ says:

    Kumba looks pretty beast.

  14. pawn head says:

    hey i can’t watch this video!

  15. Ike says:

    Kumba is scarier than SheiKra.

  16. Kumba says:

    KUMBA IS A BOSS!!!! haha

  17. Leo says:

    where is that?

  18. TheTrainkinzbranch says:

    that would make me be sick

  19. George says:

    It looks awesome when your watchin’ it
    and scary when your ridin’ it.

  20. jim says:

    wow that is scary

  21. cool kid says:

    I lost my lunch on that ride.

  22. Gurgi says:

    Both of those would make me sick

  23. juice says:

    These are nothing. If you want to see something go to Cedar Point.

  24. sniper33 says:

    4 words from me,butterflys in my stomach

  25. sniper33 says:

    wow i think i would feel a little sick afterwords.

  26. LOLguy3 says:

    SheiKra is teh best!!!!

  27. ejd045 says:

    1 word cool

  28. Fantasy Writer says:

    Looks awesome, I just wish I lived in Florida instead of California. The thing I like about California is Disneyland

  29. Nintendo man says:

    1 word, wow

  30. Harry Potter Fan #1 says:

    I meant on my last comment now instead of know.

  31. Harry Potter Fan #1 says:

    I know really want to go there.

  32. skyelf26 says:

    I cant see the video…; what is wrong?

  33. SheiKraz says:

    Kumba is too painful and SheiKra has an EPIC drop so SheiKra is my favorite :D

  34. indyfreac says:

    it looked ok but the videos weren’t filmed inside the seats of the roller coaster so it didn’t give you the experience of the roller coaster kumba was better

  35. bob says:

    looks fun but scary

  36. yayyay123 says:


  37. Wicked says:

    So Awesome!!!!!!

  38. tojope says:

    I like kumba but sheiKra is better

  39. king dedede says:

    Because of the kind of lens used at the last part of the Sheikra vid, it reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy, in which all the planets are really tiny spheres, so the vid makes it look like the coaster spreads throughout the entire planet.

    • mario says:

      what about mario luigi and kirby(got it from your name).

      • king dedede says:

        Oh, I just use that name cuz I used to be really good with him on Brawl. But I haven’t played it in a while, so it’s kinda out-of-date. :(

  40. Snoopy Butterfly says:

    So cool!!!!!

  41. Ak47 says:

    Awesome! I really want to go to Busch Gardens now to try out these.

  42. elana says:

    this is the best roller coaster

  43. the kid says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay

  44. rcoasterdude says:

    I love roller coasters and I actually want to be a roller coaster engineer when I grow up. SheiKra and Kumba were some cool coasters. SheiKra reminded me a lot like griffon.

  45. zoomer says:

    i love kumba!!!

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