Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

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  1. ky says:

    that was freaken awsome

  2. JEFF says:

    THAT WAS FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dandy says:

    that kid that was racing the cars was slow.

  4. Buby says:

    Thats FAST & COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bro says:

    probably over 5 oz.

  6. fartbadly9 says:

    if you read this comment please give me some ideas on derby cars

  7. car lover says:

    i wish my car went that fast

  8. lodewt says:

    I have made faster cars

  9. GrandPrix[AWANA Version Of Pinewood Derby]Winner says:

    WOW! Fast Cars! That Car At The End Was VERY Slow

  10. The grumpy cat says:

    They are missing one thing with that track.Actually its missing two.ONE:It needed to be made of TEH IRONZ! TWO:It needed to be on fire.

  11. bdog says:

    that was cool

  12. tadarius says:

    That was the fastest cars in the world

  13. Parry says:

    At the end that car was slow!

  14. Daxter20 says:

    That was amazing

  15. cooper says:

    that last car at the end of the video was pretty darn slow!

  16. jo jo says:

    never seen a track that long

  17. timten says:

    Even though I’m a boy scout I wish I knew how to make one.

  18. squirrel lover says:

    I LOVED IT!!! ^ :D :P

  19. squirrel lover says:


  20. Josh says:

    WOW! i never saw the old Derbey Track it was sooooooooo coooooooool! i love that :)

  21. ®_® says:

    That was hilarious when the finish was like this.
    1! 2! 3! waiting waiting……. 4!
    lol :)

  22. fastaslightning says:

    i had the fastest car in all of ohio, but mine was only about 1/2 as fast as those cars:( that track is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The grumpy cat says:

      Are you sure it was the fastest?I’ve seen a few that were as fast as the ones in the video who’s existence was never documented.And they were only on a normal wooden track.

  23. Shaymin67 says:

    I’m speachless. wow.

  24. Vj says:

    How could those guys do that thing with the 1 story high track?!?!?!?!

  25. Hammer says:

    It blowed me away

  26. I love cars says:

    my car was that fast i had the fastest car in my pack my pack had 200 people now i am a boy scout but i do not understand why boy scouts do not have a pinewood derbys to.

  27. SONIC1 says:

    it has to be awsom

  28. Dale Jr. says:

    I’ve got three firsts,one second,and one third!

  29. roki says:

    WOW! I didn’t know wooden cars could go that fast!AWESOME!

  30. spike says:

    That was awesome!!!…and FAST! :D

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