Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

Cub Scouts competing in a pinewood derby in Indiana last January didn’t get to see much of the action.

The giant track made the cars zip by so fast, you could only hear them.

The Crossroads of America Council built the track inside the Indiana State Museum. The track was more than two stories tall and 125 feet long — almost as long as a Boeing 737 airplane.

Use the above player to watch video from the race and check out the article in the December 2008 issue of Boys’ Life magazine for more details.

More pinewood derby fun:

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Comments about “Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track”

  1. Buby says:

    Thats FAST & COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bro says:

    probably over 5 oz.

  3. fartbadly9 says:

    if you read this comment please give me some ideas on derby cars

  4. car lover says:

    i wish my car went that fast

  5. lodewt says:

    I have made faster cars

  6. GrandPrix[AWANA Version Of Pinewood Derby]Winner says:

    WOW! Fast Cars! That Car At The End Was VERY Slow

  7. The grumpy cat says:

    They are missing one thing with that track.Actually its missing two.ONE:It needed to be made of TEH IRONZ! TWO:It needed to be on fire.

  8. bdog says:

    that was cool

  9. tadarius says:

    That was the fastest cars in the world

  10. Parry says:

    At the end that car was slow!

  11. Daxter20 says:

    That was amazing

  12. cooper says:

    that last car at the end of the video was pretty darn slow!

  13. jo jo says:

    never seen a track that long

  14. timten says:

    Even though I’m a boy scout I wish I knew how to make one.

  15. squirrel lover says:

    I LOVED IT!!! ^ :D :P

  16. squirrel lover says:


  17. Josh says:

    WOW! i never saw the old Derbey Track it was sooooooooo coooooooool! i love that :)

  18. ®_® says:

    That was hilarious when the finish was like this.
    1! 2! 3! waiting waiting……. 4!
    lol :)

  19. fastaslightning says:

    i had the fastest car in all of ohio, but mine was only about 1/2 as fast as those cars:( that track is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The grumpy cat says:

      Are you sure it was the fastest?I’ve seen a few that were as fast as the ones in the video who’s existence was never documented.And they were only on a normal wooden track.

  20. Shaymin67 says:

    I’m speachless. wow.

  21. Vj says:

    How could those guys do that thing with the 1 story high track?!?!?!?!

  22. Hammer says:

    It blowed me away

  23. I love cars says:

    my car was that fast i had the fastest car in my pack my pack had 200 people now i am a boy scout but i do not understand why boy scouts do not have a pinewood derbys to.

  24. SONIC1 says:

    it has to be awsom

  25. Dale Jr. says:

    I’ve got three firsts,one second,and one third!

  26. roki says:

    WOW! I didn’t know wooden cars could go that fast!AWESOME!

  27. spike says:

    That was awesome!!!…and FAST! :D

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