Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

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  1. e man says:

    coll that was asome

  2. poiu says:


  3. tony hawks says:


  4. pinewoodman says:


  5. big mac says:

    i wish i had that cart

  6. albert says:

    why don’t you have pack 11’s pinewood derby

  7. PANTHERSFAN17 says:

    Thats crazy fast

  8. Monkeys says:

    That was pretty fast dude.

  9. theflyingace says:

    the way those cars zoom by.that is so…so…AWESOME!!!!:)

  10. hut says:

    wow pretty fast

  11. fred says:

    cool! i make a car every year,and race it on a track that my old pack had and put up every year.

  12. Briski says:

    Helpful hint on building your car.

    Use Graphite paste on the wheels and axel. Less friction ensures top speed

  13. Tom says:

    That was a very steep track!

  14. Tom says:

    That was very cool!

  15. tjhawk says:


  16. Yes says:

    That has to get on t.v.!!!

  17. Zac says:

    That was awsome!!!Wens it going to start?I think I’m going to be first place!!!(#1)

  18. packtrainer says:

    WOW talk about adding some pizzazz to a pwd event you did it. Maybe all PWD Chairpeople will take notice on a way to add something to a PWD

  19. eats says:

    i did that just today!so fun!

  20. SUPERMAN 21946 says:

    That was fast!I beat you that if it was my car.I could of beat them.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Andyman says:

    That was my car up there and it came in first.

  23. kiddo3027 says:

    I used to do that when i was in Cub Scouts

  24. jsm906 says:

    I could easily see them.

  25. three sword says:

    wow those cars are FAST. Good design and terrific coloristic fantastic job. What did you do with them to make go fast? Answer me back!

  26. joey d says:

    wow that is the best track for top speed

  27. dudeawesome2009! says:

    jackknife..Miles Per Gallon? dont you mean Miles Per Hour? MPH?

  28. Shadow says:

    i want 1 of those ramps in my derby!!! :o

  29. buddy says:

    i thought that that was fast.

  30. Jacknife says:

    Whats the mpg on those

  31. stecool says:

    Wow!I still saw them, though…

  32. billybobjoe says:

    they were all slow, i could beat that

  33. brandon speed says:

    The cars whent so fast that it was like a lighting bolt coming out of the sky!

  34. g says:

    they went super fast!!!!!

  35. jzjolly says:

    any tips on building you pine wood car?

  36. Bob says:

    Hi, that sounds cool.

  37. itsmeleavitt says:

    them cars need a radar gun

  38. Trevty1995 says:

    That is awesome! Maybe I can see one of those if they do it again!

  39. Zolacolor says:

    That is cool!!! I love the lazer at the end that counts the cars! On some I could almost not see them!

  40. superbob says:

    I really want to send one of my cars down that track!!!!!

  41. Wowwee says:

    It only seemed fast when they went by you, but still, they were really fast though so it was really cool and awesome.

  42. JEB says:

    I do that every YEAR!

  43. Scouter In HI says:

    WOWWEE!!! That’s fast!!!

  44. Dave says:

    dude!!! that like 50mph!!!! they shoud have a ramp.

  45. Jman says:

    That is AWESOME!! That would be cool to have a track that big!

  46. Camoron says:

    They were Super Fast! You couldn’t see so Well!

  47. THX 1138 (jonbuddy) says:


  48. snakedragon says:

    in a two story mall though water

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