Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

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  1. goldcylon72 says:

    WOW is that thing TWO stories tall?

  2. tonyhawk234223 says:

    i am gowing to do my first race i will win

  3. jack says:

    this race track is super fast and it would be really cool to be able to use that for my pinewood derby races.

  4. decker says:

    it was cool

  5. jkmdog says:

    its been ages since i have don that stuff

  6. eli (SHARP SHOOTER) says:

    our troop shuold get 1 its only 35 feet

  7. Cj says:

    whenever you pinewood derby race, if your weight limit at the greatest is 5.0 grams, and your limit at the least is 1.0 grams, go for 1.0 . less weight means less friction. less friction means more speed. i made the mistake of 5.0 grams and i didn’t get a trophy. seriously, try the least weight possible.

    • bed says:

      Cj,that’s not true. If you don’t have enough weight,then you won’t get as much of gravity’s pull,and won,t go as fast.

    • sonic boomer says:

      cj,the more weight you have the faster your car will go. tip put the weight in the back of your car.

  8. PWD Enthusiast says:

    PINEWOOD DERBY CAR’S ARE THE FASTEST CAR’S ON PLANT EARTH! In thare scale of 1.24 to 1.25, And raced on thare track lenth of 35ft to 45ft. At 2.5sec at 288mph! (give or take the speed a little!) It’s faster then a pro drag car,in thare scale and track lenth!!!

  9. tubby says:

    that is awsome

  10. SpeedyGonzolis says:

    They were going REALLY fast. When I did my pinewood derbies I won 1st & 2nd.

  11. spencer2009 says:

    I build a car about 25m per hour

  12. nivek says:

    i made a dog viper and a hot rod

  13. Mikerocks says:

    At the ’08 Derby for my Pack, I got 4th place!

  14. livermouth says:

    I was there. that was fun!

  15. harry potter says:

    igot 1st place this year

  16. hunter says:

    I got 2place in my pinewood derby.

  17. the author says:

    awesome . how fast did they go ? i did mine and I got out in the third heat 3rd

  18. Boots says:

    They are really fun when you race them!

  19. Thomas says:

    I got fourth place in my first pinewood derby this year. I also got most creative

  20. Peety says:

    They are very fun to watch!

  21. theflyingace says:

    man! those cars go so fast! i hope i’ll get 1st place at this year’s derby

  22. vidoman1 says:

    that was so fast! It’s fun to go see the cars.

  23. momo132 says:

    mine is faster than the speed ofv light

  24. fralic says:

    that was fast

  25. zauwn says:

    Wow,thats a pretty long track!!!

  26. jere says:

    they should make a HUMONGOUS track down the empire state building and see how it goes

  27. BEN says:

    MY CAR GOT 1st.

  28. MeritMan says:

    :mrgreen: Cool!

  29. nintendocool says:

    that track is so cool I cant even tell you how fast it went!

  30. Quarter(COURTNEY) says:

    I’m the sister of a cub scout who will be having his 1st race in a couple weeks. I think it looks fun!

  31. big fri says:

    this year one car was so fast and it came off the track and then one car hit another car

  32. speedrunner says:

    that was cool! I’ve never seen until now how fast model cars can go on a track like that.

  33. MRCOOLGUY says:


  34. k2 says:

    i won first place in my pinewood derby.

  35. bras monkey or koko says:

    I like formila one cars! so make more

  36. way2cool says:

    woah!!! that was awesome!!

  37. cool9 81 says:

    awesome dude!!!

  38. cool 2 much says:

    woah!!!! that was awsome!!

  39. darth hoffman says:

    mine could go twice as fast i won champ 5 years

  40. maxwell2511 says:

    I thihk from watching that makes me feel like I should do th derby this year!!!!!

  41. showof29 says:

    That was totally awesome!

  42. Ritz says:

    That was so cool!!!

  43. c says:

    That was so cool!!!

  44. harry plopper says:

    mine could go F A S T E R !!!!!!

  45. sk8boy says:

    i won 9th place in the pinewood derby

  46. bobet747 says:

    That was an awesome track!

  47. pine man says:

    i saw the derby race track in a boys life mag. but i had no clue they went that fast!!!! by the way how do thay stop those cars? they look like they are going suppper fast?!?!?!?

  48. kyusik2007 says:

    I can’t wait for my first derby race!!! im so excited.

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