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  1. buzzkill says:


  2. evs get down here says:

    wow! I have not seen anything like it espeshaly the air planes

  3. eragon 1210 says:

    this thing is reallly cool…… like starscout said though they need to get all the issues in

  4. starscout55544 says:

    needs 2009 and 2010, as well as 2011

  5. MOONMAN200 says:


  6. Big Al says:

    What happened to “Think & Grin” That is the mpst important page in Boys’ Life.

  7. Rev. says:

    I received that addition in the Mail! Ha Ha guess how old I am? Buy the way, I took the Scout law seriously. Guess what I do for a living?

  8. bob the hobo says:

    what i need is in 2009 and its not in there

  9. pikachu says:

    one word AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if spelled Wrong.

  10. scoutbds says:

    make an ipod app

  11. Yoko says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!!!!

  12. Mr Knots says:

    This is way cool!!!!!!
    needs to be an app for Ipod
    This is great for a scout to look back and see how Scouting has grown

  13. jayhay says:


  14. Alabama camper says:

    Just kidding my best friend is going to be in it though

  15. Alabama camper says:

    I am in the March 2011 issue ( hope it is going to be good)

  16. Channeling Whittlin Jim says:

    A quick question that might take some research…

    There are several “Slide of the Month” articles in the 70’s without a byline. (i.e. “Pedro’s Lucky Shoe” July, 1972, page 51)

    Do you have any idea who authored these segments?

  17. P38fan says:

    My daughter is a graduate student in Canada and doing research on WWI childhood in Canada. She sent me this link. I used to get this magazine as a boy in Detroit. It is too cool!

  18. Scouting101 says:

    Awesome! (Almost) Every issue since 100 years ago. Great.

  19. eragon 1210 says:

    Who here agrees it would be awesome to make this an app for the ipod/iphone…. say I

  20. Mark says:

    This is really great! My son and I went back and looked at some of the issues during World War II in particular, which really spoke to the times. Can you download different issues in PDF format?

  21. channeling whittlin jim says:

    Where is December 1966?

  22. jayhay says:

    how do yu use it?

  23. north_al_80s_scout says:

    I’m loving this. One of my favorite parts of being a scout was getting ‘Boys Life’. Now, I’m getting to go back and read the stories that used to inspire me thirty years ago. This is especially cool now that I’m a scout leader in my son’s troop.

  24. LEGOlover301 says:

    jan. 2003 is so cool!(that was the year i was born.)

  25. Starman says:

    For ears I wondered how the three astronauts in “Space Conquerors” had been stranded on the Moon. The realistic series prompted me to become an engineer and choose aerospace as my career. I never considered the idea that they had volunteered for a one way flight to establish the first Lunar Base. Bravo for courage and hopefully we can beat their date of 4 July 2057.

  26. bucket says:

    i love the way back machine

  27. Scout from the 80's says:

    Now after many years, I can read the whole White Mountains series. I aged out in 1984 and never saw how the series ended. I looked forward every month to reading it.

    • A Sweet Brown Okie says:

      The White Mountain Trilogy was great. I finally got to finish it thanks to this site. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius, and I thank them very much. You can’t beging to understand the joy this has brought me. I have emailed this link to our local council office and my pack committe chairperson so that they can spread the word.

  28. antiIphone says:

    I hope theres some left…..

  29. boy1 says:

    i like it

  30. channeling whittlin jim says:


    Is there any way to print out pages?

  31. Marty says:

    This is great!

  32. DCS says:

    Makes me fee like I’m 13 again!

  33. peter says:

    does this mean that i can get rid of all those old Boys’ Life magazines?

  34. Cowboy says:

    Kudos to Boys’ Life Mag! Happy 100!

  35. achowalogen says:

    Did Mr. Peabody give you guys a license for his machine?

  36. oldkat says:

    I finally found the issue I was looking for! May 1966 was when my love for wilderness survival began with the article on page 30. I now teach Wilderness Survival and Camping merit badges at my sons troop 40 years and two Philmont Treks later.

  37. becauseIsaidso says:

    This is great!

  38. atomicdog44 says:

    Wayback Machine more like a Way Cool Machine!

  39. DJ Coleslaw says:

    This is better than a time machine

  40. wall-e says:

    it needs to tell when th 1st issue was made

  41. robodude says:

    AWESOME! I tried this and it is so cool! Now I can look at editions like from when I was born!

  42. nerfsniper says:

    how does this work

  43. Scott says:

    You need to make a widget of this so that Scout Units can put it on their websites!

  44. ScoutDaddy70 says:

    I love it, very cool.

  45. Zman says:

    I agree with lex, I just tried it and it’s awesome!

  46. lex says:

    i think the way back machine is the coolest thing on the sight

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