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10 cool concept cars

Take a look at these cars while you can. You can’t find these concepts in your local dealership, but BL is here with a sneak peek at some of the fastest, greenest and most luxurious automobiles on the planet.


Sporting one of the most distinctive designs of any concept in 2013, the Onyx’s stealthy carbon-fiber frame is highlighted with copper — yes, copper — fenders and doors that will age beautifully and give each car a one-of-a-kind finish. The cockpit is covered in wool felt, the dashboard is constructed of recycled newspapers and the cabin features a camera that captures your favorite driving experiences. And it has power. The Onyx goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds. It’s unlikely the $1 million Onyx concept will ever actually be made in its current form.

BMW i8

With a state-of-the-art carbon-fiber frame, large butterfly-opening doors and flashy touches of electric blue throughout, the i8 might be one of the most futuristic-looking cars on Earth. This high-performance plug-in hybrid accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds, gets 87 miles per gallon and has a top speed of 155 mph. The price tag will be well over $120,000.


Ford’s F-150 has been the best-selling pickup for almost 40 years, but the manufacturer has introduced a set of advancements in the form of the rugged Atlas. This truck features a next-generation EcoBoost engine with a massive improvement in fuel economy. The bed boasts hidden ramps for loading and unloading, numerous 110-volt outlets and an array of nifty tailgate tricks. While Ford has no immediate plans to produce the Atlas, expect to see its new features in a few of Ford’s future pickups.


While we’re still a couple of years away from seeing the new NSX in dealerships, this is the car that has many automotive fans excited this year. Aside from its sleek exterior design, it’s the interior styling that’s most remarkable. The NSX features what Acura calls the “Human Support Cockpit,” offering a unique blend of visibility, driving position and intuitive dashboard interface. Depending on which features are included on the showroom-ready model in 2015, the NSX might end up worth its hefty price tag of more than $100,000.


Known for plush vehicles, Lexus has created a car unlike any it has made before. The 500-horsepower LF-LC features some revolutionary interior technology. The digital touch-screen dashboard is illuminated by a transparent interface. Similar touch-screen surfaces appear throughout the cabin, operating the windows, mirrors, seats and personal entertainment settings. Even the headlights are impressive, with both L-shaped headlights containing three LED projectors that vary in brightness depending on the time of day.


This powerful four-door sedan represents a new approach for Hyundai, focusing more on luxury and high-tech features. The Genesis features a massive grille, low-profile roofline and unique rear-hinged doors. And the interior is even more impressive. The Genesis uses state-of-the-art eye-tracking and gesture-recognition technology to control the car’s most important functions. The Genesis is also notable for its distinct growl, thanks to a ceramic-lined exhaust system. Expect a similar model to hit showroom floors by 2015.


The McLaren P1 has one goal: to be the best car on the road and track. This plug-in hybrid might be just that. The P1 is a ready-made racecar, offering Formula One racecar features like the Instant Power Assist System, providing an instant boost in horsepower, and the Drag Reduction System, controlling the car’s rear wing. With a top speed of 217 mph and a whopping 903 horsepower, this automotive masterpiece will be priced at $1.15 million.


This off-road truck might have a hardy 804-horsepower V-8 engine, but it’s also one of the greenest vehicles around. The truck is a plug-in hybrid that offers up to 100 mpg. This concept will sell for almost $80,000, if it ends up getting manufactured.


Bentley is known for classy, luxurious touring sedans. Now the English manufacturer has introduced its first SUV. The 600-horsepower EXP 9 F retains all of Bentley’s famously extravagant options. It includes a panoramic glass roof, silk floor mats, diamond-quilted leather seats and a tailgate that transforms into an umbrella-equipped picnic area.


The Ciel — French for “sky” — is a big, bold four-seat convertible, featuring rear-hinged doors, sustainable wood paneling and massive 22-inch wheels. The most defining element of the Ciel is its Italian olive wood interior trim, made from a single fallen 300-year-old tree. While the Ciel in its current form may never see the showroom floor, Cadillac plans to expand its lineup with 10 new throwback rides, beginning in 2014.

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  7. I know this is cool but have you seen the new Bugatii Veryon 16.4 sport but these cars are nice. I take the mclarein P1,the Acura NSX,Lexus LF-LC,Peugeot Onyx, and the BMWi8.I add on the ford Atlas

  8. I thought there was gonna be more,but BMW i8 is AWESOME!!!

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