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Five cool games you’ve probably never heard of

Here are some of the coolest recent games you’ve probably never heard of.

dust-200Dust: An Elysian Tail (XBLA) Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older. One of the most beautiful indie games made in the last year, this action role-playing game has you battle all kinds of monsters in a wonderful dream-like setting.


dyad-200Dyad (PSN) This hypnotic racing game is both relaxing and hard to beat. It has great music, too. But the bright kaleidoscopic graphics might be a bit too much for some gamers.


ftl-200FTL (PC and Mac) This intense spaceship flight simulator requires a lot of strategy as you move from planet to planet and take over powerful alien ships, But it’s worth the effort.


madcoaster-200Madcoaster (iPad) Ride this crazy roller coaster through all kinds of strange environments, like Egypt and a jack-o’-lantern village. Lots of cool powerups, too.


terraria-200Terraria (XBLA, PSN) Already a PC hit, this action/adventure RPG lets you play your way. Make your own weapons to fight baddies, dig deep in the ground to find cool stuff, and build forts and castles.


5 Comments on Five cool games you’ve probably never heard of

  1. i know all of them

  2. TheDudeMan // May 17, 2015 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    I think Terraria is a pretty well known game, I have played it on my Laptop and it is awesome all my friends play it as well.

  3. TiberiusWalt // August 9, 2013 at 8:13 am // Reply

    If Terraria is a PC hit, how is it on the ‘5 games you’ve never heard of’ list?

    • I don’t understand that either. One game that should be there is Dust 514. It’s a FPS that takes place in the future. You create a character and choose a race and all that good junk. It’s pretty much CoD style from there, except no swearing, and no gore. It’s a free download, but it doesn’t have any viruses.

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