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Cool Pinewood Derby Car Designs of 2018

It’s Pinewood Derby season again! Check out these pictures of cool Pinewood Derby car designs sent to us by Boys’ Life readers, and then send us a photo of your 2018 Pinewood Derby car.

Pinewood Derby Car Design Photo Gallery

Click on images to see cars in a photo gallery.


Important Note: Please only upload photos of your Pinewood Derby car. Because of privacy rules, we can’t post any photos that show people’s faces. Always ask for your parent’s permission before uploading anything to a website.

2 Comments on Cool Pinewood Derby Car Designs of 2018

  1. Professor Pinewood // June 17, 2019 at 10:47 am // Reply

    I have seen the Cub crying, his car the slowest. Been that dad to be sure. I have been starting to hold workshops for the parents in our pack that don’t have the tools or skill sets to build a fast or cool looking car. I recognize that some of the winning cars are not touched by the Cub until race day.
    This year I am going to set one of the cool, fast cars we have built. A car with clearly many hours in the build. I will then smash it with a hammer.
    Folks, this is a block of wood rolling fifty feet, plus or minus.
    There is nothing I can do the my boys cannot. While we do use a drill press and a chop saw from time to time, that is with my extreme supervision. Most builds, even fast ones, do not require these tools. The point is that they do the work from design to build with me and we are building fast cars.
    Remember three things…
    Smooth is fast
    Every surface has a purpose
    and most importantly…

  2. holy cow they have back to the future??

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