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Prevent Tripping Over Tent Guy Lines

Q. Our troop is often a little crowded at campsites. How can I keep people from tripping on my tent guy lines at night?
— Travis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Try replacing your tent’s guy lines with reflective cord, such as MSR’s Reflective Utility Cord Kit ($23). The kit includes handy CamRing Cord Tensioners that result in a knot-free design.

You could also use a UCO StakeLight (four for $20) to make your tent easier to find in the dark. Turn it on when there’s high traffic; otherwise, keep it switched off to conserve the AAA battery’s 10 hours of power. A strobe mode is helpful for way-finding should nature call in the middle of the night.

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  1. put neon tape on the ropes. The stakes go in just the opposite as this pic shows.

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