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How to Get Back to Your Car at the End of the Trail


Q. This is not so much a gear question but a technique question: My buddy and I plan to backpack a 24-mile point-to-point trail one weekend, camping halfway. Problem, we only have one car. How do we get back to our car at the end of the trail?
— Stumped Salvatore, Plano, Texas

A. That one’s easy: Buy another car! I’d recommend the Ferrari Testarossa, but you might want something with a little bit more trunk space.

If you can’t afford another car, there are two other options.

One, if the trail you’re taking is a relatively busy one like, say, some sections of the Appalachian Trail or other well-traveled routes there are often local people that you can pay to “shuttle” your car for you. Basically you’d pick them up in town, and they’d ride with you out to the trailhead. Then, you pay them a fee and they drive the car to your destination for you. Often you can find shuttle services like that through local outfitter’s shops or general stores.

Finally, if all else fails, there’s Option Two: Just make your trip an out-and-back.

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  1. Haven’t done this myself, but a friend completed the entire AT (in sections) by driving a bicycle to his endpoint, locking it to a tree, and driving back to the trail head.

  2. Chain a bicycle to a tree at the end of the trail and use it to retrieve the car. Play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock to decide who does the retrieval.

  3. our troop had enough adults-they split into two groups and dropped one group at the other end. They met in the middle to camp and the group that was dropped off ended up at the car. They then drove down to pick up the other half of the troop.

  4. Back to basics…Buddy System…park one car at the end of the trail and take the other to the trail head.

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