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How to remove a fishhook

Angling is one of the most popular sports in all the world, and fishhook injuries rank right up there with the most commonly treated outdoor sporting accidents. Fishhooks pose a first-aid problem because they are designed to penetrate flesh and hold fast even while a fish fights on the line.

This series teaches you about the basic first aid of fishhooks and how to know when an injury requires more serious medical attention.  We also teach three specific techniques for removing fishhooks from the skin.  All in all, we hope this “schools” you in the art of fishhook injuries and “catches” you up on your fishhook first aid!

Fishhook injuries and what to do

Retrograde fishhook removal technique

String-yank fishhook removal technique

Advance and cut fishhook removal technique

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  1. fish guys right about that

  2. good advice

  3. most awesome video about fish hook injuries ever! Had to do the 2nd one once and it got the hook out real good.

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