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Episode 18: What’s More Important – Freedom or Safety?

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You stumped us with a doozy this week. We shared our thoughts, but we want to hear yours too!

So what do you think is more important? Freedom? Safety? Both? Let us know in the comments at the end of this post.

Our resident philosopher Sheniece joined the show to help us think this one through. Hear what she has to say in this week’s episode.

Listen here:


As mentioned in the show, you guys are also asking about hammock-camping tips. We compiled a whole bunch of info just for you at

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7 Comments on Episode 18: What’s More Important – Freedom or Safety?

  1. Freedom by far. Having government “protection” all the time actually would make the world much more dangerous. Without the freedom of a concealed carry, what would you do if someone attacks you? One thing the government does not seem to get is that if you demand everyone to hand over their guns, only the good people would. Criminals wouldn’t though, of course. Then we have a problem, because all the bad people are armed and everyone else is defenseless. If the government was responsible for protecting hundreds of millions of Americans, do you think they would do a good job on each of them? (I don’t think so.)

  2. freedom for sure. it is not the governments responsibility to keep us from getting hurt( besides military defense) and freedom is the main reason why America is different from many other countries.

  3. Screechybird // December 7, 2019 at 11:46 am // Reply

    Freedom absolutely is more important. That is why we must preserve the second amendment.

  4. Freedom is most important because it is our right to have personal freedom. safety is our responsibility, if we get injured it is our fault.

  5. freedom is more inportant

  6. It is almost always a balance between safety and freedom, with responsibility being a prime driver for the balance between the two.

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